Clearinghouse Policy Change

Some Clearinghouse policy changes are going into effect January 1, 2011. You can get all the details here.

We want to hear from you! Please take the time to rate the content and format of the material on the bottom of the report form. This information will help us determine what materials we need, to maintain an up-to-date library.

Please use the current Clearinghouse Report form. Outdated evaluation forms will not be accepted.

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Taylor.

Clearinghouse Materials

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The Early Childhood Clearinghouse is a resource library that allows early child care professionals to obtain training hours for licensing requirements. Professionals may use materials to obtain up to 50% of training hours needed within their biennium. The library is maintained and housed by Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance.

Clearinghouse materials may be checked out for three weeks and are the responsibility of the person checking them out. Individuals may check out up to four clearinghouse items at a time by logging in and browsing the titles from the lists below. Select materials by clicking the box in front of a title. Click any Submit button on the page and a summary of requests is then displayed. If everything on the summary is correct, click the Send My Request button and the materials will be sent via U.S. Mail. Please note that although the list of titles presented is retrieved directly from our database, availability is not always guaranteed.

Non-providers may also check materials out of the Clearinghouse. Please call us for more details.

After utilizing the clearinghouse materials, a Clearinghouse Report form may be completed for STARS training hours and returned to the Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance, along with the materials marked “media mail” rate. For your protection, please return the materials via insured mail.

If you have any questions or would like to request a book, video or DVD from the Early Childhood Clearinghouse, please contact Jessica Taylor at (800) 400.3999 or

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