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Handheld Vacuum Buyers Guide 2017

A handheld vacuum provides portable convenience for quick cleanup around work or home. It makes a practical addition to the regular vacuums and may be taken or stored almost anywhere. The models come in a variety of features and types to suit different needs. Whether you’re buying a handheld vacuum for the first time or looking for an upgrade, here are the things you should keep in mind as a buyer:
  • Cordless VS Corded
Cordless handheld vacuums are going to be much easier to use and more convenient, yet the consumer has more factors to consider when they’re buying a model that’s battery-powered. On the other hand, if you budget-friendly handheld vacuums, the corded ones are more ideal for you. But, when buying corded handheld vacuums, check the length of the cord for it to reach all places or corner areas.
  • Weight and Size
The thought behind a handheld vacuum is to offer the user with a unit that’s compact, easy to use, and lightweight with one hand. With such intentions, this means that the factors like weight and size are more important. Once the vacuum is too bulky or heavy, it’s going to be hard to use with one hand and thus, not really convenient. Oversized handhelds won’t fit in all places that you might need it to.
  • Performance
Handheld vacuums differ in the suction power and the cordless models could trade suction for battery life. More often than not, most urgent spills are the ones that involve the materials including liquids and glass. To pick up bigger debris effectively, cordless handheld vacuums must be 15V to 18V. Some models have different speeds to enable users to choose the right power and save battery life.
  • Battery Type
Lithium ion battery is the best choice for the reason that it holds a charge far longer as well as charges more quickly than Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd battery. In addition to that, you may leave a vacuum with lithium battery in its charger without worrying that you’ll damage the battery life. However, never do it if your handheld vacuums are still running with Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd battery.
  • Included Attachments
Majority of handheld vacuum cleaners come with upholstery brush, dust brush, and crevice tool. Yet, not all because the included attachments may affect the price, so you need to decide how essential it is to improve the versatility of vacuums.
  • Storage
Handheld vacuums can be compact and lightweight, yet this doesn’t mean that there’s no concern for storage. As mentioned, there are some concerns for the cordless and corded models. For the corded models, you have to be aware of the storage of the cord and for the cordless machines, you have to think about whether it comes with a charging station that doubles the place for storage. But in terms of storage solution for handheld vacuums, consumers would surely agree that cordless models with a charging dock are a great option. It keeps the unit safe, charges the battery, and the unit is always ready every time you need it.