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We’ve posted the results of the survey we conducted in December, 2011. A summary can be downloaded here.

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Pathways to Professional Development

What is Pathways?

The Early Childhood Sub-Committee of the Wyoming Early Childhood Partnership developed Pathways as a strategy to improve the quality of early care and education programs by increasing the educational qualifications of individuals working with young children.

Pathways has three modules: Certificate I, Certificate II and Credential I. Each level consists of 40 hours of instruction using a quality curriculum, taught by highly qualified individuals. The modules build from one to the next. Individuals participating in the program must successfully complete the previous module as a prerequisite for the next module. Pathways have been aligned with the educational requirements for a CDA so that individuals wishing to obtain that certification can use the educational hours to meet those requirements. Additionally, individuals successfully complete any of the modules will receive a completion bonus.

How will the Pathways classes happen?

Approved instructors at the community level will deliver the class. The classes will be taught all across Wyoming. Two things will determine the specific locations: the number of child care providers in a specific location who apply to participate in a class and the availability of an instructor pair in or near the community in which providers have indicated an interest.

We Are Looking for Child Care Providers!

We are looking for child care providers who want to participate in an interactive learning class. The class is for providers at the entry level professionally who have a high school diploma or GED but do not have a CDA certificate, Apprenticeship certificate, college degree or other certification.

The class will provide:

  • All required textbooks free of charge
  • 40 hours of high quality basic knowledge and skills training
  • 40 hours of training that will qualify toward a CDA credential
  • Upon successful completion of the class with a grade of C or better STARS will award 40 clock hours of training credit to the participant. Partial credit is not available.
  • The completion bonus will be paid with successful completion of the class with a grade of C or better.

What Will Class Participants Need to Do?

Participants will be required to complete the following activities:

  • Commit to complete the 40-hour training course, which will be scheduled during evening and weekend hours.
  • Return your class agreement with the $25 deposit. (Deposits are returned to all who complete the class.)
  • Regularly attend the class
  • Complete the homework assignments.
  • Complete the setting evaluation each time the class meets.
  • Complete the instructor evaluation the final time the class meets.

When Will the Classes Be Scheduled?

Class Pattern

A. Class I Jan-May 2011
B. Class I & II Sept-Dec 2011
C. Class II & III Jan-May 2012
D. Class I & III Sept-Dec 2012
B. Class I & II Jan-May 2013
C. Class II & III Sept-Dec 2013
D. Class I & III Jan-May 2014

Since this is a 40-hour class taught evenings and weekends, the class may be taught in two-hour segments. WCAA is recommending that the first class be a two-hour class to make sure that all participants get their textbooks, materials and the class schedule for the community before homework assignments are expected. The remaining classes can happen on a schedule designed by the participants and their instructors.

For example: one group may choose to have a two-hour first session, a two-hour final session on Tuesday evenings but the remainder of the classes will occur in six-hour sessions every-other Saturday for the next 12 weeks.

Another group may elect to hold their first two-hour session on Thursday evening and then conduct a four-hour class every Saturday for the next nine Saturdays, with the final session occurring on another Thursday evening. The certificate class schedule will cycle as follows:

If you have questions about applying to participate in Pathways, please call:

Sheila Ricley
Instructor and Class Approval Analyst
Wyoming Children's Action Alliance
3116 Old Faithful Road, Suite 100
Cheyenne, WY 82001
307-635-2272 Ext. 109

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